Some nights I dream in milk

My breasts feel tender and full. I wouldn't know if they are or not... if it's just the fluctuation of my hormones or neglected desire or maybe my glands waking up. My breasts feel full.

Nipple stimulation is high on the list of things that turn me on, but considering I also am open to the idea of an adult breastfeeding relationship with my mate, days like this remind me of that desire – nay – craving. And so this tender heaviness fills me with a mixture of melancholy and horniness.

I've never been pregnant and I've never been in the milk before. I've felt peace with my lover at my chest. He certainly seems to enjoy being there but I'm not sure how he'd readily welcome such a flow, or even a trickle. A mutual friend of ours who we've invited into our sex life might love it.

Should it flow, I imagine it like an elixir of healing easing forth and warmly filling their mouths and stomachs. I'm aware some use breast milk and menstrual blood in both kink and sex magicks. I don't think I'd take that particular route, myself.

... Well, the blood and magick anyway...

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