About the Cat

queer, feminist, pagan, daughter, lover, neurotic, NSFW, artist, pro-choice, childfree, dreamer

I am not the sum of the labels applied to me.
I am more than a list of kinks that turn me on.
There is more to me than I may ever write down here.

Perhaps, the best way to get to know someone is through their words and actually conversing with them. However, I’m a bit antisocial and perhaps even a little standoffish around strangers so my blog and this little intro may have to do.

Without completely retelling my life story …
I was born with brown skin and a vagina in December of 1981 deep in the urban wilds of New Jersey.
I have a job but no beloved career. I don’t drive and get around by way of public transport.
My hobbies involve some form of arts & crafts. I like exercise, love food, and don’t watch much television.

My drive its own animal.

I’ve been partnered to a young man (who I refer herein as “Mouse”) since early 2006. We currently live apart. Admittedly, many of my posts here involve him in some degree. It is my belief that one’s sexuality and those they share it with are closely linked.

I’m learning ethical nonmonogamy in the eyes of opening a long closed relationship (rather than starting single). I’m polyaffectionate yet mildly misanthropic. I’m fiercely protective of those I come to love with a tendency to lean towards jealousy.

I’m growing into my skin and still coming to terms with the fact my life, loves, and wants fly in the face of my upbringing. Perhaps, I’m really bursting at the seams and these words are just an expression of my growing pains.

I write about love, lust, longing, and limerence.

I write about other things too, but they don’t always see the light of this blog.
If you haven’t noticed, I ramble.

My posts are signed “SB” and I may or may not answer to “cat” if called.

Thank you for your visit.

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