Expanding the Toybox

I just might have a little bit of a toy fetish/collecting problem. I love trying new things. I like new textures. I LOVE ORGASMS! So, in line with that, I like trying new things. If I had more space, I’m sure I’d have quite the toybox. Maybe I’d even have some sort of toy room.

There’s a mental list of things I’d like to get one day. Included are a nice set of floggers and pumping gear. Some items on the Liberator line of furniture would be a delight in soft suede. I’d get a Sybian and maybe some power tools. Perhaps I’d have a glass display case or a case with glass doors well lighted to keep my various items in… or at least some glass and metal pieces.

I think on this list would also be some toys from vendors like Bad Dragon and Zetatoys. There are some interesting shapes in the animal kingdom that make my mouth water if only for wondering what the size, shape, and texture would bring. This is a realm of fantasy.
I am not a beastialist and would not have sex with a non human. That seriously crosses my ethical lines.
Werewolf and beastman fantasies don’t count… and they are just that – fantasies. I’d totally shag a werewolf.

Perhaps, I’d also throw some electrosex items into the mix with some harnesses and a healthy supply of “soft” bondage items. I don’t mind the tingle of a TENS unit but it can easily be too much for me to take. One slip and it changes from a pleasurable buzz to a bite that causes curses to spring forth as I look for the dial.

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