Leaving Me Restless

Maybe it's because it's spring... maybe it's because I'm coming into my peek... maybe it's all the sex books I've been reading and trying to learn from... and maybe it's just that I've just been taking my vitamins again.

I've been terribly horny to the point of being insatiable.

It could be that one of my friends/friends of friend/boyfriend of friend is in the hospital and I'm getting a reminder of how short life is. It could morbidly be because they've been attracted to me for a while yet and has made it known that they wouldn't mind doing more than just cuddle up. (All things in the open, their partner knows. The mouse knows. I just haven't done anything with it because I'm a picky slow moving git(?))

It's possible I just want to feel more alive. It's possible I just want to be thrown around a bit and bitten. It's possible I just want to be explored and thrilled.

Or, I'm just restless...

Things have been rather stagnant around these parts and I would like things to be moved and shaken. I'm still worried about my financial future but there's still that base level on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I could rearrange some of those things quite a bit.

Lower needs... lower chakras... my core... my root. I'm not feeling stable and as such I'm restless... As much as I love to fly, I need a bit of grounding and stability.

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