Flirt with me

I admit it’s fun and gives a thrill. Harmless flirting with friends without touching or joking in the realm of the risqué is a delight. I admit this. Lacing innuendo and just being silly. I love it. I love it so much! There are days I can’t get enough.

I step back when it’s obvious the other person has other things on their mind. I’m not looking for follow through right now. There’s where temptation and threat to relationships starts. But to flirt – is harmless I think. (especially so when the other person is game and not into your gender primarily.) Then again, I’m one who likes to flirt with her friends. I joke, cuddle, and hug freely if I like you.

Flirting can be on par with talking dirty with me with a love. Words and tone have a huge effect. When mixed with confidence it’s a beautiful combination.

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