Slow Confessions

I told him about ANR… I wasn’t able to get a complete read of his reaction but could sense a degree of repulsion when I said what the acronym stood for. Bodily fluids put him off, even though he doesn’t mind feeling my wetness on his shaft. It’s only a minor exception…

He said it felt greedy somehow but that he wouldn’t have a problem if not for the fact that I “secrete”.

The looking back on the conversation feels dizzying and a bit disappointing. In voicing it, I realized how much this means to me… how much nursing and possibly one day lactating affects me.

Maybe I do have a little of that “obsession” some people talk about, though I don’t always keep up with day to day massaging. I barely keep up with my /regular/ day to day schedule. Still, the desire manages to bubble up here and there. My breasts gives way to its tingling heaviness and my nipples sway with a sensitive deep pang.

This is what they’re for.

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