I want to scream and curse and throw a tantrum. It's only Monday. It's ONLY Monday.

The weekend was a bit underwhelming and it's possibly as simple as me needing a nice long workout and a moment to make a mess with my art supplies. Either way, I'm very much aware that I'm stressed out. My hair, which admittedly I usually ignore, is an actual concern. Also is the roundness of my body.

It's possible I just need a nice cup of hot tea and a massage. It's possible I just need a horny, hot, charming guy that I trust who finds me equally charming, trustable, and hot to pounce on. A gal with those qualities would also suffice but I admit I'm very much about the dick today. (Then again, toys are fun and I still could use a feeldoe if only for sake of packing right now)

I'm at my worst when I haven't had enough sleep and when my hormones are floating all over the place. The world usually feels like it's about to end just before my uterus breaks forth with flow. I feel like I'm about to die - and then my period starts. My period has already started. I feel like I'm falling apart... and I didn't get much sleep last night.

Maybe, my need for pump or impact play is showing again. It's possible I want to go on a date or an exhibitionist adventure.

Maybe, I just need an adventure.

I remember telling the mouse once about how I have a slight kinky enjoyment for stairwells and libraries. The matter is having or doing in such a situation ever again. Perhaps, as Mr. L seems much more interested in spending time with me on a visit, I could try with someone new. Then comes a matter of just how brave or daring they would be.

Again, it could just boil down to me not having enough sexual satisfaction and a little too much of too little stamina. There's a silly little worry that my butt is getting in the way. Or it could just be I need more sleep, exercise, and water.

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