I think I’ve known for some time that I don’t particularly like wearing a bra. When I’m at home I tend to take them off as soon as possible or go as close to being topless as being around my immediate blood family allows. I’d stopped wearing bras at home with the exception of a sports bra for workouts.

I’ve been completely brafree for almost three weeks now. I tried putting one on as a “modest” at home top, but that lasted for about 15 minutes.

I’ve not put on a bra to leave the house with in about three weeks, and I like it a lot better this way. True, there’s a little sway, and bounce – but that’s just fine with me. My breasts hang a little lower but they haven’t hurt at all. I think my posture is improving slightly as well.

Part of me dreads when the spring and summer come once again. My nipples are quite prominent and taping them down doesn’t do anything. In fact – they best the tape and cause it to fall off. Perhaps, I’ll just have to think of something when the time comes.

As of now, exercising without a bra isn’t very troublesome. If I’m doing light plyometrics, I do my best to hold t hem down as I would when bounding down a flight of stairs. I haven’t gotten to the point where I need to wear some form of support undergarment. Lifting weights makes no difference. I feel a horrible case of the giggles while doing yoga, however. There’s nothing quite like easing into downward dog and then having your boobs on your face. (Or maybe it’s just me being a big kid getting a kick out of it.)

Perhaps, I’ll stitch up some bamboo tube tops to exercise in and wear when the weather changes. Bamboo does absorb while wicking away moisture. The question would then be if they’d be too hot. Some black tank tops would be good to add to my wardrobe again as well.
In the meanwhile, I’m walking around and feeling free.

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