Power Games

Maybe, I’m just acting out a little from feeling “neglected”. Maybe it’s just a need to exercise that part of my personality again. I’ve introduced a bit of a “game” into my primary relationship. It started with the idea of just not letting my mate touch me or kiss me without permission. To touch me, he’d have to work for it… earn it…

Of course was the matter of him agreeing or not. He seemed reluctant saying he might falter and then agreed. He wasn’t forced and I told him that it was up to him if he wanted to give up the luxury. He said simply that he’d do his best. (Though his “best” seems to be at this point doing things that upset me, right now, and complaining. He was the one who agreed.)

Maybe it isn’t quite a good idea but I think we’ll come out of this for the better… even if the immediate result isn’t something we like…

Maybe, I’m just acting out and this is a result of it. It’s possible that the relationship has met it’s end and I’ve already fallen out of love with him. Maybe it’s me just wanting to be treated like a woman… like a goddess… and not just the girlfriend who does his laundry, sucks his cock, and lays under him as he gives uneven humps. Maybe, I’m hurting… and this is the best way I know of making him step back and consider his actions.

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