I’m told one of the side effects of starting to induce and ANRs is a change in menstrual cycles. I haven’t quite figured out what that change is supposed to be just yet – but I do know that my bleeding days seem to have lessened a bit. I sometimes have cramps just before my period starts and have pretty much gotten my cycle down in terms of pattern.

With Misty, it seems to go as follows:
Brown to Red Spot – Clot –Thin – Clot – Red to Brown Spot – Dry - Pink EWC – Dry – Cramp

For a few months I was synced with the moon phases and was able to predict/expect based on that. Not anymore… I’m still regular based on the above pattern and work with that now… loose estimation regarding date.

One thing I’m keeping in mind is the phenomenon of uterine flutter. I’ve learned and felt it with a lot of nipple stimulation. I might have also been able to distinguish it among what I thought was a letdown reflex… (still without milk). I know that when my mate suckled recently after a while of not being at my breast – I saw the blood afterwards. I think a difference in that session was that I was actually in a nursing headspace. Perhaps the real question is whether I’ll be allowed the peace and stillness in nursing to feel it more often.

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