Sharing A New Piece of Me

I took a moment to look at myself from the side in a full length mirror and couldn’t help but blush. My backside is quite full and round, though I’d hesitate to say it was perfect for anal. It’s a great place for spanking and clawing, however. Of course there’s a bit of bias there considering I like my butt clawed and spanked.

The mouse and I have been talking about trying anal for some time now, with a few failed attempts. I think I designated this weekend for another try and was spurned on by my libido being in a sort of charged overdrive. Perhaps all I needed to do was plant the suggestion in his head and he would have pounced on the idea.

It started with some playful rolling around on a Saturday afternoon. Morning sex didn’t take him completely out of commission and I learned that I’m far too clumsy to lower myself onto him for anal. Perhaps I’m just delightfully awkward. Instead I got on all fours, directed for lube, and relaxed. “They” were right when they said that those are key… Communication helped too. I trust him… and even though I likely won’t feel the ripple of his foreskin sliding up and down in my ass any time soon, it was still a nice full feeling. He doesn’t like wearing condoms I consider it a must in this situation just because the idea of ass-to-mouth or ass-to-pussy squicks me to no end.

Perhaps, I’m a little proud of myself because I was able to take about 5 of his inches… and that’s around where his penis gets to be around 2 inches across. There was a bit of a sting but he was gentle. I think I might have been the one doing most of the moving. I do know that I was incredibly wet to the point of almost dripping again and that when I orgasmed I was a leg shaking shuddering babbling mess. I do know that he started to go flaccid but after a few slow shallow thrusts his erection returned almost instantly. I know that while he kept his cool – he was practically hanging on by a thread.

How I feel about our encounter? I’m not sure. I don’t regret it and I’m glad for that. I’m sure that in the future it’ll be just as fun even though it’s a little uncomfortable at first. How do I feel? I’m not sure.

As with all things…

Perhaps, I’ll have my thoughts together once more after a proper meal.

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