Teach Me How To Take You

In honor of BAST I’ve decided to pick up a Feeldoe Slim for the mouse and I. (Rather, a matter of going “halves” on one.)

I’ve had my eyes on the Feeldoe for at least eight years now, and still haven’t gotten one. I’ve had my eyes on a Sybian for just as long but a Feeldoe feels far more realistic at this point in time.

The result “window shopping” is me squirming around at work terribly turned on and starting to soak through my pants.

I haven’t had much experience with topping a guy save an attempt with my former boyfriend. (He yelped a lot and wouldn’t let me near his butt again after I rubbed against him with the vibrating head of a strap-on. Now that I think of it, the toy was a bit big for me to take at that time as well. Now, I could likely take it like a pro.) We agreed on something “small” and from what I can tell, the Slim is as small as they get in this line. I may have started drooling a little when I thought of the double penetration prospects or the idea of bending him over in bondage tape and making him squeal.

At the same time, my mind also wandered to a femme mutual friend of ours who has been complaining of lack of good sex lately. The idea of having some fun with her using this particular toy is pretty appealing as well. (though I admit she intimidates my shy side a bit.) The only woman I’ve ever been with is living in my body. I have an idea of what to do – but it’s like a dance. You don’t learn to dance by simply watching or reading. One must practice, move, and teach their body to do the same. I know in theory what to do to pleasure a woman, but I’ve never been able to try. I’m not sure how patient someone would be with me either.

How dry does THAT sound?

So floating around my head right now are different scenes where these two more or less teach me how to pleasure them. I know I can wear my mouse out when I get in the mode, though I think my stamina for riding is perfectly pathetic. I blame my knees. My hands can work pretty well and I’m sure my mouth does pretty well on its own even though my tongue is a little on the short side.

For now there’s the fantasy. Then again, the weekend is still young. Who knows?

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