Comfort in Acting Out

Maybe it’s the after effects of the weekend, but I’m feeling energized and far too playful for my own good. Maybe my flirty side is back out to play. Maybe it was from having the chance to be a bit bawdy among friends. Maybe it was the hot kiss from the mouse on the way home last night. I feel good and I feel full of mischief.

Maybe it’s because I walked a friend of mine around the neighborhood on a leash. (well , it wasn’t MY neighborhood… it wasn’t his either.) We were on the search for an ATM and while I gave him back his lead when we walked into stores – out of doors I kept it short and walked in front of him while he carried the bags. It felt completely natural.

I’m clumsy, awkward, and say horrible things in a sexy voice. If I pose I look rather dopey in pictures, and any attempted photo shoot ends up with people laughing and a lot of BAD pictures. I can’t play up sexy spontaneously. And yet, when I’m in the mood I’m told I’ve a sensual smolder and make people melt.

And so I walked a friend around the neighborhood and people stared. There was nothing sexual about it. I just held on, held close, and we talked about random things in the summer heat. It kinda felt like “home”.

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