Maybe A Little Bit of A Mean Streak

I sat on the bus home tonight and a small smile crept across my face with the idea of ruining the mouse’s orgasm as a form of punishment. I’m sure it’s been done before. It’s possible that the use of a ruined orgasm has been utilized to put someone back in their “place”. However, I can’t help but think that it could backfire on me just as easily.

I thought of taping/typing his wrists to his shoulders… or maybe binding his arms near the elbow at a bend. He’d be able to move his arms up and down to get more comfortable but not be able to get himself off while I have my way with him and then ruin his orgasm. I’d tease him for a long time then leave him alone. Blue balling wouldn’t be the goal but more a gentle punishment. To give so much pleasure and then stop it suddenly at the peak… to make him ejaculate with an almost anguished dribble... Maybe it’s a bit mean of me but a smile curls onto my lips even now considering that.

Of course, that might be just a beginning…

I think I remember ruining an orgasm before for him though not on purpose. I was riding him. I remember the fishlike gasps he made while pleading for me to wait and slow down. Maybe he wanted to go longer. Maybe, I milked the cum out of him. The expression was priceless, however.

I want to see that face again.

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