Subtle Declarations of Pride

I like my jewelry very delicate and silver. I like hints of bright color in my eye makeup. I wear neutral colors.
A pride flag in its full saturated glory just would not go with my style. It just wouldn’t.

True, I personally identify myself as Queer but at the same time will tell people I’ve met that I’m Bisexual. My sense of interest in others in terms of sexual attraction is quite fluid. I don’t care if someone has a penis or a vagina as long as it’s not leaking pus or bleeding. So how do I reflect my colors… as it were…?

I love the pink/purple/blue of the bi-flag and have been trying to think of ways to work it into my everyday look. Earrings are hard to find or a bit clunky and loud if I do. The rainbow is everywhere but the Bi flag a bit more of a challenge. I still want it to be out there. I want to display without it being gaudy or clashing.

A possible solution has been found in sheer glitter nail polish. I have five fingers on each hand. Pink on the thumb, blue on the pinky, and somewhere in the middle depending on how I’m feeling that day. It’s fluid. It’s subtle. It could also be considered an advertisement of my particular mood if someone knows what to look for.

How would ANYBODY know what to look for?

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