Unexpected Revelations

It’s not that I don’t think people I know are kinky. It’s a bit of a surprise, however, to hear them talk about their kinks or find them on certain kinky websites. The very fact that I see them and all the things they’re into is like throwing a rift into reality. The result is a sort of mind bending akin to finding your parent’s sex toys.

It feels odd to find out that people you know are into the same kind of deviance as you are… however fun it is to indulge in. It’s weird and bizarre and strange… but it’s true as much as you are into those things and they might react in a similar way.

Finding out someone you know also wants to lactate one day without having any children…
That someone you know is secretly fantasizing about you dominating them…
That someone out there you know is into the kind of kinks that make your blood crawl and curdle… sometimes in the good way and others in a way that can arouse fight or flight.
There’s finding out you know swingers, spankers, and prolific suckers hiding behind masks of the “mundane”.

It’s strange to me but at the same time all too real.

And then comes the temptation to run with this new found knowledge and see where it takes you.

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