On Edge

I’m into seduction and sensation. For my kind of topping – I’ve got to have seduction mingled in… the use of my sensuality to take the mind and body as “my own.” I enjoy whipping people into a lather even though I don’t do it often. This reminds me of how an old companion of mine fussed about how much of a tease I was and the certain delight I get from seeing precum and vulva growing wet.

I know I’ve got some dark depths… maybe not as dark as others or maybe I simply don’t realize how deep they run. I know I’ve got that place mentally where my fantasies turn to kiss the macabre. There’s the point where the safe and sane goes out the window in my mind even though they do not involve death. There’s a part of me that gets violent even though I don’t visit it perhaps for the fear of myself it induces.

There’s a part of me that’s a little violent and I guess it could be said that edge play works as much for the person on top as they do on the bottom… seeing how close one can get to madness… seeing how close one can teeter on an ever growing adrenaline rush.

A friend of mine mentioned before that they’re very much into knife play… though said as subtly as I pet them “If you think this is a big reaction from me, you should see what a blade does.” … or something like that. (This conversation was some time ago and my mind a bit fuzzy and frazzled to begin with). And so somehow last night turned into me trimming them down and then running the blade of a pair of scissors and Swiss-army knife along their flesh until they whimpered… tracing the point along their genitals and nipples... and they seemed to be in an interesting place between arousal and nervousness…

They managed to give themselves an orgasm after all was done and seemed quite content to calling me mistress… though the title feels odd coming out of their lips. Or it could just be that I’m the strange one.

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