Call me _______

The conventional top titles don’t seem to suit me. I’ve thought of myself as “Mistress” once upon a time, but now it seems so strange to hear. It doesn’t fit. I don’t feel so much like “Miss” or a “Mam”. I don’t feel like a “Master” or “Sir”. To say “Goddess” feels like blasphemy and “Queen” or “Princess” feel too girly.

“Princess” seems to lean towards age play to me… perhaps my own prejudice.

“Majesty” sounds interesting but also odd to my ear.

Am I the one who shall not be named? Perhaps.

It’s just strange to me. To hear a name that doesn’t fit jars me out of a scene… it becomes an act and I become disconnected. It’s not to say I don’t enjoy what I’m doing at the time. It just births a kind of dissonance that takes a while to fix.

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