Sleepy Sex (in passing)

I remember an arm around my side and the press of an erection between my butt cheeks.

We'd been silly and all out playful in bed. We made bad jokes and I curled onto my side laughing about some of them. He whined. I fondled him a little and said some of my "trademark horrible things in a sexy voice." And then I bent forward a bit in bed, pressing against his groin. He peeled my underwear to the side for a moment, I told him it wouldn't work and pulled them down.

He entered me sharply and I cursed, not out of pain but of pleasure.
"You're wet."
"I'm always wet."

And then I laughed a little before drawing a sharp breath and cursing again. He thrust his hips as we laid on our sides and he held up my leg.

"What was that?"
"Nothing... I just tend to curse when you're fucking me. Is that a problem?"

His answer was pushing in again a few times deeply.

The hour before had him giving me a spanking, though I know it was mostly out of me asking than him genuinely wanting to. He licked my pussy, though he admitted he loves oral, said he did it mostly out of my asking. He thrust even though he was sore and I pushed back against him, perhaps greedily, after having three orgasms already that day. I would say I would want more.  I rode him feeling a little numb and not much friction at all.

All of the feeling was in my still swollen lips and slightly hard clit against his belly.

The spanking was interesting, to say the least. He started slow... almost too slow... and I'd been sitting around with my nipples in a pair of suckers. He didn't eek of dominance or desire... just was very passive about it all.

Something as simple as that cooled the entire moment.

Perceiving desire and showing it is important. It being only one sided can be painful...

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