I’m not quite sure where I read it, but some women use self sucking as a method of assisting their induced lactation. I haven’t been able to express manually for some time now, though I’ve felt my breasts heavy and sometimes “wet” with want. While in the middle of a workout the other day I think I had a bit of a let down reflex, as well. (or at least it FELT like that. Milk glands are modified sweat glands after all).

Yesterday, about an hour of hydrated exercise and a shower, I tried self sucking for a moment while touching myself. My labia were dry mostly until I clumsily fit my nipple in my mouth. Then with a few suckles – out came a salty fluid. It wasn’t very thick. It wasn’t thin like saliva. However, I could taste the saltiness of it. I tried again a little later and more came out. I tried once more when I got home and still more. That never happened before.

Am I happy about it? I’m excited but I’m not sure if happy is the right word. I’m smiling pleased with myself, but I hope it doesn’t go away as soon as my period ends. It was due to start yesterday, and usually suckling and orgasms get the blood moving.

My period seems to be delayed as well. I’m not worried about pregnancy as Misty seems to be still be well in place. It could very well be just because of the change of season and the fact that I’ve been exercising like mad lately. That actually may be the reason, as I’d been cramping up a storm as I usually do before my period begins, got one day of the tell tale spotting. (That came after a bout of cervical cramps) THEN I decided to do a workout to try to deal with the aches, along with a strong cup of White Sage tea. I’d think the White Sage would have dried me up … but here I am with salty wet nipples.

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