Sexless (or close enough to it)

There are days when all a gal wants is a big, thick, meaty cock to fuck. It’s true! I just might be prone to excess but I think I haven’t had enough of fucking or meaty cock as of late. My anniversary was disappointingly dry (among other things) and my encounters in the days/weeks before just plain disappointing letdowns. (Of course some might say that it’s my fault for not pinning down the mouse and having my way with him… having him give me what I want and TAKE ME. It’s possible that I’m gradually entering my peek and he simply can’t keep up with me.

It starts to feel its best after an hour of fucking. I need a lot of stimulation sometimes and if I’m distracted with a penis in my pussy, orgasming can be tricky… even if I was edging with my clit only milliseconds before. I like being full… love feeling my pussy stretched open to the point just before it starts to hurt (because pain means I’ve gone too far). If I’m not still getting wet, or staying wet, lube is my best friend. The moment becomes sweet and intense as I struggle on the edge of sanity and madness.

Too bad I don’t manage to get this far on a regular basis. The hour tends to wear him out or just as I begin to yowl for more, he deflates and finishes. I pant, curse, moan… and that proves to be too much for him at that point. It either puts him over the edge – or pain and exhaustion take him out.

It could be said that I’m closest to the elusive uterine orgasm at that point. Not to say one orgasm is a better kind than another, but those feel like they might be the best just from the crescendo I’ve never felt reach it’s true peak. It may be the stuff my multiple orgasms are made of. My multiple orgasms are hiding in my uterus and that’s why I need a Sybian!

And after that I have a cup of tea.

But really, this spell of bad and boring sex is starting to wear on me. I want to have sex until I’m raw and sore for a day or two afterwards. I want to be able to trace down the scratch marks and smile. MULTIPLE ORGASMS AND PASSING OUT IN A DROOLING PANTING GOOEY MESS!!! This is what I’m looking for. Of course, having my partner be in a bit of a passed out gooey mess would be fun too.

So I pulled out my largest, thickest dildo that fits, lubed it up, slipped it in my lips with my heel on the base, and rolled my hips while touching my clit until I came – holding back a scream.

And then I had some tea.

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