Underneath it All

I think I'm beginning to understand why "they" say to sometimes wear lingerie underneath everyday wear. It's an interesting , almost naughty kind of feeling without doing something truly risqué. I haven't worn a bra in a little over a year and have gotten used to having to sometimes hold my breast down when bounding up and down stairs or taping down my stout yet near perma-errect nipples. (It's possible they have also gotten used to the every day friction of fabric against them.)

Still, I'm beginning to understand, I think...
I put on an industrial weave black net bodystocking with an open crotch before leaving the house this afternoon. True, I did some of the "conventional" preparation and grooming by shave/trimming my underarm and pubic hair. I washed with peppermint soap and anointed my body with oil from neck to ankle. I slipped on a belled clit clamp too and when I stood upright I felt my body thrill with the net confining me... especially around my breasts and ass.

For a moment I contemplated some shibari (given I have someone to play with...)

I put on a pair of cotton panties to catch any stray drops of excitement (or blood considering I'm due for some ovulation spotting) and the clip if it should slip loose. I think that might have been a good idea. My body seems to not like to keep on clip style erotic jewelry. My clit might also be a little "stout" that way. Jewelry stays on for either a moment and slips off or after it stays a moment it hurts and not in the "erotic discomfort" sort of way either. It still looks good, however.

I could make a habit of this.

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